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  • Are You A “Pear”?
    Once again we come to the shapes of the body. If you are wondering what a pear shape means exactly, do not worry. A pear shape simply means that you carry more weight on the lower half of your body. This includes the are... Read Full Post
  • Don’t Be Afraid of the Pain
    That’s right. There really is no need to be afraid of the pain that you feel when you get in a good workout. If you are feeling your muscles burn, that is something to celebrate. It means you are giving them a good wor... Read Full Post
  • Negative Calories and Weight Loss
    Everything we eat has calories; however, according to the proponents of the negative calorie theory, some foods come with more negative calories than real ones! In laymen terms it means that the calories required to bur... Read Full Post
  • Weight Loss through a Raw Food Diet
    A raw food diet is a diet where patients eat uncooked and unprocessed food to lose weight. No processed food or predigested food like meat is served. A raw food diet is beneficial to overall health. It is not merely a ... Read Full Post
  • Patients with Hypothyroidism and Weight Loss
    Patients who suffer from hypothyroidism struggle to lose weight. Their condition makes losing weight a painfully slow process. Hypothyroidism is a condition caused when the thyroid gland is unable to produce the thyroi... Read Full Post
  • Weight Loss Made Easy
    There is no easy weight loss method. Weight loss is made easy when the correct program is chosen to make weight loss enjoyable. The quick weight loss methods offered online and in books are seldom easy and are always dan... Read Full Post
  • Weight loss through Ephedra
    Ephedra Sinica is an herb used in Chinese herbal medicine to cure a variety of ailments. Alkaloids called ephedrines isolated from ephedra are used as dietary supplements to jumpstart weight loss programs. Ephedrines cau... Read Full Post
  • The Types of Weight loss Calculators
    At first the only weight loss calculator available was the traditional weighing scale. Today a number of weight loss calculation tools are available to give patients an accurate account of their progress in their chosen ... Read Full Post
  • Take Stretching Notes From Your Dog
    That is right! You can actually take notes on stretching, just by watching your dog stretch. There is, however, one particular stretch (actually called the “dog” stretch) that helps to stretch out your back, your abs... Read Full Post
  • Lifestyle can Compromise the Body’s Need for Essential Vitamins and Minerals
    Today’s fast-paced lifestyle can make eating five servings of fruit and vegetables a day a seemingly insurmountable task. Life is lived in a harried pace which unknowingly has bombarded the body with stressors, weakeni... Read Full Post


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