Virtual Gym: Ab Exercises - Vertical Scissors

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Starting Position

Sit on a chair or bench with your legs extended in front of you.

Your hands should be under your glutes for balance.


1. Contracting your abdominals, lift your right leg as you lower your left leg.

2. Reverse the positions of your legs by lowering your right leg and raising your left leg, mimicking a scissor.

Key Points

Breathe rhythmically throughout the exercise. Squeeze your glutes and hip muscles as you switch legs, but make sure to focus on contracting your abs (this is not a leg exercise).

BONUS: Abdominal Vacuum

This exercise is based on time and not reps. The Transverus Abdominis muscle is muscle that holds your abs tight and flat. It’s a thin sheet of muscle running along the sides of the abs and joins connective tissue behind it and is your body’s natural corset. When you suck your stomach in, you have just used your Transversus. This is the only muscle that can help pull the stomach inward.

Position yourself on the floor on all fours. Keep your back flat and maintain this position throughout the exercise.

Start by exhaling absolutely every bit of air from your lungs. Then, relax your abdomen and let it hang like a loose sling, but don't increase the arch in your lower back. Next, pull the navel in as if I just told you to suck in your stomach as tight as possible. Continue to breathe lightly through your nostrils, but make sure you’re pulling your navel in as tight as you can. Hold the contraction for 40 seconds but make sure it’s very tight. In time, you’ll notice the abdominal area pulled in and looking flatter. This exercise provides benefit with no repetitious movement.

Immediately return to the first exercise and repeat the program until 12 minutes is up.

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