Weight Training Program Day Two: Legs And Abs

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Wednesday, or Day Two: Legs And Abs

Begin with a 10-minute warmup on a cardio device — just enough to get the blood flowing. Follow this by light stretching of the entire body.

Leg Presses
While I recommend squats to anyone who will listen, for a beginner leg presses are usually the best bet. Leave squats for your third or fourth month. Using a leg press machine, you will do exactly the same as Monday rep and set-wise: a warm-up, followed by a hard set of 12 reps and a hard set of 8 reps. The key to the exercise again is to put your mind in your legs, not on lifting the weight. Feel the muscle contracting. Make sure your knees come down to your chest and that you do not “lock out” at the top of the movement. Keep constant tension on the legs — this makes a huge difference. Remember, two hard work sets —that’s it.

Leg Curls
A leg curl machine can be found in any gym. Simply follow the same set/rep pattern, and focus on keeping your hips flat on the bench.

Swiss Ball Crunches
You will do two sets of 10 reps on this — or as many reps as you can do while not exceeding 10. If you can do more than 10 reps, you’re not concentrating enough on your abs. Lying on a swiss ball (one of those big rubber balls you see in the gym) with your back curved over the ball, place your feet underneath a stable object. An old trick is to use a heavy dumbbell or roll the ball over to something that has a gap to put your feet under. This keeps you stable on the ball. Then, raise up using your abs to pull — not your legs. Think of squeezing your chest into your legs like an accordion — that helps me when doing this exercise. Come up to about a normal sitting position and blow all your air out. Squeeze the muscles, then return back down very controlled. I cannot emphasize enough how much Clark Bartram’s Chisel Your Abs Success System could help you here, as ab work needs to be done precisely for results and for safety.

Conclude your workout with 30-40 minutes of cardio as on day 1.

Total Workout Time: Under 1 Hour


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